Fire Safety Blanket
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Product Information

Our fire safety blanket is a must have for fire spinning professionals and hobbyists alike! A blend of  aramid fibers  and cotton makes this blanket Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR). This means it's washable and will keep it's flame resistance without having to retreat the fabric with chemicals! The reflective tape around the border is also flame retardant, washable, and visible at night even on the ground. Our stiching and embroidery is Nomex (tm) thread, one of the strongest and most heat resistant threads available.

Approximate size of each blanket is 36x30 inches. Due to the handmade nature of the blankets, slight differences may occur in the appearance of the blanket, however this does not diminish the effectiveness.
Care Instructions

Machine or hand washable with non-chlorine detergents. Castille soap is suggested. Hang to dry. Do not line dry in direct sunlight. Do not dry clean. If heavily soiled with fuel, handwash only.

Liability Disclaimer

Please use at your own risk! Although this product is shown to aid in the suppression of fire when used correctly, there is no guarantee to protect against misuse. We are not liable for any injury or damages incurred during use of our product. Always use safe spinning practices including, but not limited to, wearing fire safe clothing and personal protective equipment, having qualified safety personnel to include protection of your audience, and refraining from use of drugs, alcohol or other substances that could impair you or your judgement. Note: Not intended for use as a fire breather's wipe rag. 

$60 +tax & shipping

Custom Embroidery Available: $10
When ordering, leave what you'd like it to say in the "Addional Details" area of the order form. Letters and numbers only please!
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